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Pharrell-backed startup Music.com is a digital archive & storytelling experience that creates a community of artists and fans around the artist’s stories. Pharrell and the Music.com team partnered with VentureDevs to bring their idea to life.

Tech Stack

  • Python
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQL Alchemy
  • Alembic
  • ElasticSearch
  • React.js
  • Jest


  • Product
    Strategy / Design
  • Product
  • MVP
  • DevOps

The Results

We took Music.com through our VentureDevs Labs process – starting with an immersive Discovery Workshop – to optimize the Music.com product idea, complete the story mapping, wire-framing, technical road mapping, and backlog creation. Next, we deployed a full scrum team (Product Owner, SM, Developers, QAs, Designers) who used best practice methods and tech to not only accelerate time to market, but launch ahead of schedule.

The Beta gained 60,000 users in the first week alone. Music.com has since partnered with Sony to create an exclusive branding partnership for their new 360RA product.

“We are thrilled to have VentureDevs
as our tech partner.

VentureDevs continues to impress us with their engineering skills and their expertise throughout the entire software development process. We began our MVP build with their Discovery Workshop, which has proven essential as it really set us up for success in the subsequent dev phase. Their high level of experience shows in the quality of their results.”

Robby Wells
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