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From the VentureSquad: Advice on Changing Jobs During the Pandemic
Changing Jobs During a Pandemic

By now, it’s old news to say that COVID-19 has changed the way we work. With industries transformed, offices going completely remote, and millions of workers forced to adapt to a global economy in shock, there’s little need to remind people that their working lives look very different today than a year and a half ago.

Given those circumstances, you may be one of the millions of professionals taking stock of your current role or mapping out what’s next. Of course, you’re not alone.

Did you know? McKinsey estimates that more than 100 million workers will need to reevaluate their occupational goals by 2030, a figure that has grown substantially due to the unprecedented events of the last year and a half.

It’s natural to be wary of the risks inherent to leaving a current role, joining a new company, or even switching industries. We chatted with our newest VentureSquad members — all of whom made a professional change during COVID-19 — and got their advice on how to nail the job hunt during such a challenging and uncertain time.

Focus on Personal Development

Always play to your strengths. Discover them, focus on them, develop them. Don’t spend too much time on what might not feel right. Avoid comparing yourself to others and spend that time learning new skills and mastering your existing ones. You’ll always find someone who needs your skillset if you excel at what you do — especially during the pandemic.

Ask the Right Questions

Whenever I’m making a substantial decision, I find it helpful to define a problem that I have or a challenge that I’m experiencing. For example, why do I want to change jobs? What’s my motivation? This helps me understand possible solutions. The results of this introspection may surprise you, from learning what you’re really looking for to finding the right time to make your move.

Research Employer Portfolios

Always do your research into potential new employers. What are their main areas of business? How stable is their portfolio of work? There are risks with small companies and risks with larger companies, so whichever you’re considering, you need to understand what's right for you, whether it be a new role or a new business. Be rational, use logic, and analyze markets to figure out what’s a good bet going forward.

  • Karolina Zborowska, Product Owner

Evaluate How Companies Handled the Pandemic

Part of choosing the right company for your future involves understanding how they’ve handled tough situations in the past. Now more than ever, it’s important to ask how businesses navigated the COVID-19 crisis. Did they have to lay off team members? Did the pandemic drive them to successfully innovate and adapt the way they work? This will shed light on how they approach problems and how they support their employees.

Be Transparent with Yourself and Recruiters

When you’re interviewing for new roles and evaluating potential employers, remember to be honest. If there’s something that you’re concerned about, raise it with your recruiter. If something about changing roles gives you pause, be honest with yourself about what’s causing that. Staying calm, analyzing your options, and being transparent are key.

Discuss Post-COVID Plans

Be cognizant that the past year and a half has likely not been business as usual for new employers. So remember to discuss what the new normal will look like once things reopen. Will remote work policies change? Will they be closing physical offices for good after the lessons learned during COVID? Whatever their responses, take these into consideration based on how you work and what kind of team interactions you’re looking for.

  • Anna Kamieniarz, Resource Allocation Manager