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VentureDevs Product Discovery Bootcamp 2020
Product Discovery Bootcamp

To design award-winning products and build industry-leading teams, VentureDevs follows a proprietary software development playbook that has worked again and again. A critical component of that playbook is what we call product discovery, and no VentureDevs product management process is complete without it.

Our experts work with client stakeholders during product discovery to understand their target industry, users, and problems. This process does more than de-risk product development and establish shared goals; it makes sure our partners understand why they’re building a product just as much as how.

To keep our product discovery process fresh, we recently held two product discovery bootcamps with our teams in Lublin and Poznań. Hosted by our resident Scrum Masters and Product Owners, these bootcamps focused on developing a deeper understanding of product discovery and its practical applications through exercises with mock clients, products, and user personas.

The Four Key Themes of A Product Discovery Bootcamp

We designed our product discovery bootcamps to hit on the four key themes of our proprietary discovery process: vision, empathy, value, and idea. Through rigorous exercises (and a bit of fun here and there), our engineers worked together to fit each of these core components into successful product management.


By agreeing on a shared vision that’s understood and accepted by everyone, our team can create products that meet end-user needs and client expectations.

Bootcamp Activity: Come up with elevator pitches for mock products and create a strategy for selling it to target markets.


Our engineers learn to empathize with a product’s target audience to understand what users want and need, as well as how they’ll engage with that product.

Bootcamp Activity: Map the customer journey and identify emotional decision-making junctures throughout the end-user lifecycle.


Product discovery focuses on finding end-user value and helping clients understand how it can create critical business opportunities.

Bootcamp Activity: Rank pain points for users of a mock product, tally those rankings, and figure out how to provide value at the worst bottlenecks.


Here, quantity actually can be better than quality because the most creative and unexpected ideas come out after all the obvious ones have been thought of already.

Bootcamp Activity: Generate six to eight solutions to a mock product’s pain points in five minutes — the goal is to think outside the box.

Key Takeaways

Our product discovery bootcamps are a critical opportunity for our software experts and product owners to prepare for their one-on-one work with clients. These trainings prepare product owners to run similar workshops with clients during their own discovery process while giving specialists from across the VentureSquad the chance to take part in crucial stages of our proprietary playbook.

To learn more about product discovery and how it can help your business build better digital products, reach out to VentureDevs today.