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VentureDevs Announces Steve Taylor as Head of Sales
Steve Taylor

2021 is the year for growth at VentureDevs. As we scale operations and expand into new markets, we’re thrilled to announce that Steve Taylor has joined the team as our new Head of Sales!

As Head of Sales, Steve is responsible for growing VentureDevs’ revenue channels. He’s tasked with building strategic partnerships and leading our Business Development team’s global targeting initiatives. Steve will spearhead our consultative sales cycle, from lead generation to closing and onboarding, as we build cutting-edge digital solutions for clients ranging from transformative startups to established enterprises.

“Success is an agile definition. It is the outcome of what we believe we deserve and what we think is possible. VentureDevs aligns with who I am, and it’s a privilege to be a part of an organization helping others define their success with a digital footprint. I’m most excited to strategize with our customers on how to take their ideas from the quantum realm to reality at scale!”

  • Steve Taylor, Head of Sales

A native of Southern California, Steve is a former UCLA Track & Field athlete and an avid guitar player. Steve joins VentureDevs with more than twelve years of experience in sales in three major markets — Los Angeles, New York, and Miami — at enterprises including TriNet and ADP. He lives in Playa Vista with his wife, Monique Taylor, and their adorable pup, Duke.

“I’m excited to welcome Steve Taylor to the VentureSquad as our new Head of Sales. As I continue to focus on long-term strategic projects for VentureDevs and VentureLabs, Steve will take the lead on developing and executing our sales strategy to continue driving growth. Welcome to the team, Steve!”

  • Joe Gardner, CEO & Co-Founder