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Kairos Society Taps Wojtek Sobczuk as Poland’s Managing Director!
Kairos Society Taps Wojtek Sobczuk as Poland’s Managing Director!

We are proud to announce that the Kairos Society selected our CTO and co-founder, Wojtek Sobczuk as their Managing Director for Poland!

Kairos is an international organization whose mission is to focus the next generation on solving the right problems. Kairos fellows, ambassadors, and mentors join together around the common goal of tackling the most pertinent, yet overlooked, global problems to improve quality of life across the world. Since its founding in 2008, Kairos-backed companies have raised over $900m in capital and amassed a combined valuation of over $3 billion.


Wojtek will join other Kairos mentors and advocates - including Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Bill Clinton - in supporting the next generation of brilliant minds. Together Kairos mentors will provide invaluable assistance in everything from securing funding to promoting Kairos fellows’ solutions to a global audience.

As Country Managing Director, Wojtek will seek out Poland’s most innovative young leaders, ushering them and their companies into the ranks of the Kairos Fellows.

“We are looking for exceptional people under the age 26 who are currently studying or independently creating a product to serve the global good. They have to be ambitious, entrepreneurial creators who offer unique solutions to the world’s most pressing social problems, and are eager to help other Kairos members in achieving their mission.” - explains Wojtek.

As one of the VentureDevs core principles is to "embody an entrepreneurial spirit" we are extremely proud of Wojtek as he works to advance Poland's entrepreneurial ecosystem.