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“Can we still hide secrets from AIs?" - RiseOfAI feat. Shaun Moore (TrueFace)

When the public hears about facial recognition software, many minds go to the famous George Orwell line from 1984, “Big Brother is watching you”. With the current political climate and the COVID-19 pandemic, security and safety are even more forefront on people’s minds. Plus, with one billion surveillance cameras expected to be installed by 2021, the inadequacy of federal regulations, and the lack of public education surrounding Artificial Intelligence, it’s easy to see why some people feel the technology itself is inherently bad.

This is why it is important, now more than ever, to learn more about this technology from leading computer vision experts in the Artificial Intelligence sector, such as TrueFace. TrueFace Co-Founders Shaun Moore and Nezare Chafni are on EY’s 2020 Entreprenuer of the Year (Greater Los Angeles) semifinalists list. Shaun was featured in a virtual chat with RiseOf.AI, where he discussed some important subtopics in the realm of facial recognition and computer intelligence, including its positive impact and common fears surrounding its use.

Here are some key takeaways from the discussion:

* Please remember that these takeaways are meant to be a summary of the opinions expressed in the online discussion, and in no way reflect the viewpoints of VentureDevs or its employees.

1. Computerized facial recognition was created to help solve problems

  • Health/safety - Facial recognition can help automate processes that will limit contact / transferring physical objects back and forth (like event tickets, ID cards, etc.), which is particularly helpful for reducing COVID-19 transmission.
  • Speed up processes normally done by humans - For example entrance lines into sports events, boarding time for flights, etc.
  • Security - Keep unidentified people out of buildings, locating known criminals in crowds, finding missing children, etc.

2. Computer vision software is trainable

  • Gender and ethnicity biases exist in software, but some companies like TrueFace are addressing them - TrueFace partnered with Fairface to provide a standard preset dataset that represents an equal distribution across ethnicities. Customers who use TrueFace’s software have the option to further train their algorithms and skew their datasets towards a balance that more accurately represents their particular clientele.

3. We need to establish better Federal regulations for these technologies

  • There is some regulation in the EU, but no federal regulation in the US.
  • It’s important for people to understand where your data is being stored, who has access to it, and how long it is being stored for.
  • Lawmakers are actively trying to understand how to regulate it.
  • America is obsessed with innovation, and regulation needs to be able to keep up with that innovation.

4. Data Privacy needs to be better understood

  • People fear what they don’t fully understand.
  • Due to credit cards, cell phones, social media, and data accessibility through the web, we already live in a trackable world. The online world centered around news and advertising collects our contact information, browsing history, physical locations, banking info, etc. and is arguably more invasive than the offline one (which includes facial recognition, surveillance, etc.). People don’t often think about this.
  • We need to create more understanding and education surrounding these technologies, and then put the right systems in place to regulate them.

[Watch the full virtual chat here]

VentureDevs partnered with TrueFace to support their Machine Learning initiatives and develop their company’s core SDKs, upon which most of their subsequent offerings were built.

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